My name is Addie Weyrich and I am very excited to say that this is my newsletter. I have tried in vain to distill who I am and what I do into a single word or catchphrase. (“artist” or “booyah, artist!”) - but the truth is that I am extremely creative and unceasingly curious and absolutely obsessed with making work and the process it takes to create said work. I act, I write, I direct, I make music, I paint, I dance, I have a black belt in kenpo karate.

This newsletter will be my attempt (valiant) to share what my process looks like (ugly, messy, sweaty) as I move through this chapter of my creative life.

I have never shared so thoroughly and honestly about myself before and the thought of doing so is a bit intimidating (the internet scares me, as it should.) However, I feel that since I have benefited so greatly from other artists sharing their ugly-messy-sweaty processes, it is only right, karmically, for me to share mine.

Free emails once per month - These will focus on BTS from ongoing creative endeavors, topics I can’t shut up about, and a general check in on my previously mentioned creative life chapter.

Paid subscribers will receive much more. Signing up for a paid subscription is not only an incredible way to support the newsletter, but it is also your ticket to accessing parts of myself I keep very private. What happens in my private parts? New song demos. Explanatory videos. Solo audio podcast episodes. Answering any questions or requests you might have. Emo entries about my fears and anxieties that you may also share. Take what you like and leave the rest. It’s $7 a month and I recommend it to anyone new to being creative, old to being creative, or to anyone who just wants to show their support to me and my work.

I’ve been performing on stages for over a decade and I miss the special closeness that a theater space provides. The consent to play and explore that buying a ticket brings. My hope is that this corner of my online presence will have the same messiness, freedom, and discovery that I have found in IRL spaces, and that I can share it with an audience of people who want it. What a blast!

Thank you, I love you!


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show me ur eyes and I'll show you my soul (aka bts of my creative process)